Our Mission

Tri-State Water Resource Coalition (Tri-State Water) is a non-profit (501c4) organization whose mission is to secure adequate, quality water supplies for the next generation in southwest Missouri, the northeast corner of Oklahoma, and the southeast corner of Kansas.

A Water Supply Problem in the Ozarks?

How can we have water supply problems in the lush Ozarks? It’s hard to understand intuitively given the abundance of lakes, rivers and streams in our region. But our sources of water supply for use by communities, farmers, businesses and industries are very limited as compared to all the water we see out our car window when we drive around. Only five communities in southwest Missouri have access to surface water supplies – Lamar, Joplin, Neosho, Branson and Springfield (Average Annual Municipal Use). The rest of our communities depend on ground water, and the more wells we drill into the aquifer, the more “straws” we have withdrawing our common resource. This results in a risk of mining our water resource rather than using it in a sustainable way. Additional surface water sources are needed to meet our region’s long-term water needs.

Regional Cooperation Required

Water supply is an issue that must be addressed regionally and cooperatively for two important reasons: First, because communities are interconnected by our common dependence on this vital resource , and second, because the solutions for additional supply are limited and expensive and it makes more sense to cooperate than to compete for the same resource. It will require regional buy-in to deliver a mutually beneficial long term pay off. Tri-State Water members include cities, counties, water districts, private water companies, businesses and interested individuals from across our geographic footprint.

Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Success

The need for additional water supply in the future is an issue that must be addressed now. It takes 20-25 years to implement a new water source and waiting until it is needed is not an option. There will be many regulatory, financial, political, and engineering steps and tasks required. Benjamin Franklin said “We know the worth of water when the well runs dry.” Tri States is taking a proactive forward-looking approach in establishing the “worth of water”—before “the well runs dry”. Water has been readily available and reliable and we want it to remain that way. But we must start now.

Water is Life

Adequate water supply is essential to life and the economic health and development of our communities. To fulfill our mission, Tri-State Water has investigated potential sources of additional water supply to meet the needs of our member communities, and is taking action to fulfill the requirements for development of those supplies.

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