What are the benefits of joining Tri-State?

  1. You become part of the decision making process.
  2. You get a place in line for the water supply that will eventually flow.
  3. You strengthen our regional response to the need for adequate and sustainable water supply.

Adequate and sustainable long-term water supply is vital to the health and development of any single community and our region as a whole. An additional regional water source is the most viable alternative to create that supply, and prevents competition for the same water through a cooperative approach. Tri State is the vehicle through which that regional source will be developed. Membership allows you a seat at the table and a share of the water supply that will eventually flow to ensure adequate long-term water for the region.

It’s always better to be a part of the decision making process than to let others make decisions which will surely have an impact on your community as time passes and the regional demand for water increases. Those communities who become members of Tri-State Water are in a position to make key decisions which will set the foundation for water availability for the next 50+ years.

If you would like more information about Tri-State Water Resource Coalition please contact:

Gail Melgren
Executive Director, SWMO Water (Tri-State Water Resource Coalition &
Southwest Missouri Joint Municipal Water Utility Commission)
6028 Danforth Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 766-9499 or

Current Members

  1. Carthage Water & Electric, represented by Chuck Bryant and Jason Choate
  2. City of Branson, represented by Kendall Powell
  3. City of Joplin, represented by David Hertzberg
  4. City of Monett, represented by Skip Schaller
  5. City of Mt. Vernon, represented by Joe Kelley and Max Springer
  6. City of Republic, represented by Andrew Nelson
  7. City of Nixa, represented by Doug Colvin
  8. City of Ozark, represented by Jeremy Parsons
  9. City of Springfield, represented by Errin Kemper
  10. City of Willard, represented by Brad Gray
  11. City Utilities of Springfield, represented by Roddy Rogers
  12. Empire District Electric Company, represented by Drew Landoll
  13. Greene County, represented by Kevin Barnes
  14. Jasper County, represented by John Bartosh
  15. Missouri-American Water Company, represented by Matt Barnhart
  16. Pierce City, represented by Julie Johnson
  17. Stone County, represented by Mark Maples

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